Don't Lose Your Marbles

Posted 6/07/07
Millville, NJ – Marbles are not just for kids anymore. Those little dime store toys that ended up in the back of drawers can now fetch anywhere from 25 cents to $10,00 dollars.

Artists like Gateson Recko from Swedesboro, NJ (above) have made marbles into an art form.

Recko will be the featured artist at Wheaton Arts' Annual Marbles Weekend, June 23 and 24. Throughout the weekend, Recko and other nationally known marbles artists will be creating marbles in flameworking demonstrations and dealers will show and sell their collectible glass.

Kids who probably have never had a marble in their hand ever can learn how the game is played from actual marble champions.

Wheaton Arts in Millville,NJ. 10AM-5PM Saturday,June 23 10AM-3PM Sunday, June 24. $10 Adults, $7 students. (856) 825-6800.

National Marbles Tournament

The marble show comes on the heels of Wildwood's 84th annual National Marbles Tournament, June 18-21.

Mibsters - marble shooters - ages 8 to 14 will play more than a 1,200 games during those four days. They'll compete for scholarships and prizes.

You can watch the serious marble competitions right on the Wildwood beach at Wildwwood Ave. from 8AM to noon, Monday through Thursday, June 18-21. It's free to spectators.

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