Bird Migration in Cape May, New Jersey

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Very few birds are migrating. You might see an occasional hawk, gannet or other seabird, or waterfowl.


Traces of migration are beginning to become evident. Seabirds, hawks and waterfowl start moving towards the end of the month.


Migration starts in earnest for waterfowl, seabirds, gulls, a few shorebirds (Piping Plover), hawks (Red-tailed and Northern Harrier) and non-Neotropical songbirds (sparrows).


Large numbers of non-Neoptropical songbirds (sparrows, flickers), waterbirds, and egrets and herons. Gulls and terns. First push of shorebirds and the first warblers at month's end. More hawks (Sharp-shins, Kestrels, Osprey.)


Peak migration for shorebirds (Red Knots, Ruddy Turnstones, peeps) and Neotropical songbirds (warblers, vireos, tanagers, orioles.)
Hawk migration declines in second half of the month.


Last of Neotropical songbirds and shorebirds come through. First of southbound shorebirds. Southern vagrants like Mississippi Kite arrive.


Early July is quiet. Southbound shorebirds in full swing late in the month.(Yellow-legs, Semi-palmated sandpipers.) Small numbers of Neotropical songbirds (Gnatcatchers, Orchard Orioles) begin after mid-month.


Shorebirds continue to migrate in large numbers.
Neotropical songbird migration builds through the month. First hawks head southward. (Osprey, Bald Eagles, Kestrels)


Big surges of neotropical songbirds all month. Shorebird migration continues, with some decline later in the month. Hawk migration builds as the month progresses (Merlins, Northern Harrriers). First big flights of cormorants, loons and other waterbirds and waterfowl.


Last push of Neotropical songbirds. Peak of hawks (Peregrines, Sharp-shins), and cormorants. Scoters commence. Gulls and terns are strong. .
Shorebird wane. Owls commence mid-month.
Egrets and herons (Great Blue Herons) migrating strongly. Sparrows, kinglets in good numbers after middle of month.


Peak of waterbirds, gulls and seabirds. (Gannet, Scoters, Loons.) Non-Neotropical songbirds (sparrows, kinglets). Peak of owl migration early in month. Hawks continue (Red-tails peak, Red-shoulders, Eagles.)


Last movements of non-Neotropical songbirds.
Last of hawks. Seabirds and waterbirds continue through mid-month (more Gannet and Loons.)



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