Maurice River Purple Martin Migration

One of South Jersey's natural wonders occurs in August. If you can get to the Maurice River near Mauricetown in Cumberland County (Rt. 670) you will be graced with a visual extravaganza.

Tens of thousands of Purple Martins, along with comparatively smaller numbers of Barn Swallows and other swallows fill the evening sky as they settle into the reed grass for the night.

This Purple Martin roost is active between late July and the middle of August. The martins are staging for their long journey to South America. They are among the earliest of migrants.

Purple Martin Festival

Cumberland County holds a Purple Martin Festival every year to give these migrating martins a big send off.

An observation platform is set up at the base of the Mauricetown Bridge. Guides are on hand to explain why the birds are congregating.

If you missed it this summer, remember: ..same time, next year.

purple martins over the maurice river
Purple Martins and Swallows



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