Cape May's World Series of Birding 2004

Yes, it's that time again.

Birders from many many states travel to Cape May, NJ every year for a unique phenomenon known simply as the World Series of Birding.

This year, more than 70 teams (and a hoped for 270 species of birds) will take the field on May 15th.

The birders have just 24 hours to cover the entire state of New Jersey, searching for every species they can see or hear. The results must be handed in by midnight at Cape May Point State park.

It's not unusual for the top teams to record over 200 species of birds in this brief time slot.

New Jersey Habitat

The state of New Jersey, with all of its housing developments and suburban malls, has a surprisingly wide variety of bird habit - from the Canadian Zone woodlands in Sussex County to habitat typical of coastal North Carolina along the Jersey shore.

And the state's a celebrated migrant trap. Every spring, many millions of migrating birds cross New Jersey, heading north. May 15th is the peak of that spring migration.

World Series Teams

The World Series of Birding has grown from 13 teams 21 years ago to 70 teams in 2004. The annual bird-a-thon has earned an estimated $8,000,000 for bird conservation over the last 21 years.

Almost every team uses the event to raise funds for the sponsoring organization's conservation efforts.

(See photos from last year's World Series of Birding Century Run Team.)

The World Series of Birding is hosted by the New Jersey Audubon Society, and the Cape May Bird observatory.Call (6090 861-0700 for more info.


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Hidden Valley, 7AM, during last year's World Series of Birding

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