Boating in Cape May

Water, water, everywhere! There are few places that offer the diversity and wealth of boating experiences that are available in Cape May.

Whether you want a wildlife rich tour of a back bay or tidal creek via kayak or a cruise on the ocean in a 50 foot Hatteras, there are ample opportunities in Cape May.

The reason for these opportunities is the almost unlimited amount of water available.

cape may bay jettySurrounded by Water

In front of Cape May is the Atlantic Ocean and to the west is Delaware Bay. From the Bay a boater can access the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal, Maurice River, or the Delaware River. In the back bays, there are hundreds of miles of waterways amongst the many islands and sounds, all surrounded by a sea of marsh grass.

The intracoastal waterway and the harbors of Cape May, Wildwood, Stone Harbor, and Avalon provide safe, calm boating from Cape May to Atlantic City and beyond.

Try Kayaking

The inveterate kayaker will find unlimited launch sites for their craft, while a novice can rent one. Kayaks are the vehicle of choice for cruising the narrow tidal creeks and shallow bays behind Wildwood, Stone Harbor, and Avalon. There is no better way to get close to egrets, rails, shorebirds, and ospreys.

For personal watercraft addicts looking for an exciting ride, there are ample opportunities in and around the channels, sounds, and ocean.

Back Bays

Sailors seeking calm, shallow water for a Sailfish or deeper water for an ocean-worthy sloop can count on plenty of opportunities in the Atlantic Ocean or the Delaware Bay. And, the winds almost never cease in Cape May.


For the fisherman wishing to launch a 20 foot outboard for a day on the water or for the cabin cruiser aficionado seeking a mooring, there are plenty of marinas and public ramps available, not to mention marine supply stores and other services.

Deep Seas

The deep-water mooring areas and intracoastal waterway also make Cape May the ideal choice for vacationers or those who simply wish to go on a boat ride. You don’t need a boat to enjoy an hour or a day on the water.

Sightseeing Boats

There are many sightseeing boats available, and for the more adventurous, there are rentals for small boats (fishing and crabbing), kayaks, or personal watercraft. Some places even include personalized training to make your experience more fun and safe.




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