Cape May Point's New Lake

Posted 10/16/05
CAPE MAY, NJ - The storm that saturated New England and Northern New Jersey also did a job on Cape May Point's new, multi million dollar beach.

A day after the week long rains stopped, there was a long, narrow pond stretching from the Cape May Meadows to St. Mary's.

The northeast winds apparently whipped up the waves which in turn spilled over the edge of the beach, into a depression in the sand.

Even the concrete World War II bunker, which had just reemerged from the water thanks to the beach project, was once again surrounded.

A day later, on Sunday, much of the water at the south end of the beach, near St. Mary's by the Sea, was gone.

But the dune path from the Cape May Meadows was still a path to nowhere - leading directly into a shallow channel of water.

While the standing water might be temporary, the storm left a permanent mark in the form of some subtle shore erosion.

Two jetties, which had been hidden by the beach replenishment project, are now more visible as is an outflow pipe near the bunker.

The good news is that the massive new dunes held their ground against this first seasonal test.

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