Cape May Shopper: Holiday Decorations

Posted 12/06/05
Cape May, NJ - Cape May stores are a wonderful resource for holiday decorating.

At Wildberries, unusual Christmas items the 2-3 foot tall golden Christmas trees, leaning this way and that.

If you want something more traditional, A Little of This and That has an entire Christmas tree covered with Victorian ornaments. Take your pick of cupids, tea sets and old fashioned crystal pendants, among others.

Cape May fanatics will have to have the Cape May Victorian house ornament from Down by the Sea.

Poinsettias -$4 - $32
Cape Island Gardens









Cape Island Gardens has has every Christmas flower you could want from Christmas cacti and cyclamen to holiday poinsettias in both white and red.

Custom Evergreen Wreaths
Cape Island Gardens

You can also get a custom evergreen wreath at Cape Island Gardens ..with your choice of greens and ornaments. Or go for the sugared fruit wreath at Wildberries.

Then again, there's always the sea shell wreath at Down by the Sea.

To add an unexpected touch, try the snowman angel sculpture complete with wire wings at Wildberries.

And who could resist the tub full of Santa duckies at Bath Time? Get several for the guest bathroom. Pick up some Christmas tree shaped bath sponges, while you're at it.

Santa Claus Duckies - $3.95
Bath Time









More Cape May info

Victorian ornaments - $4-$8
A Little of This and That

Cape May ornament - $12.95
Down by the Sea.

Sugared Fruit Wreath - $42

Sea Shell Wreath - $56.95
Down by the Sea.

Snow Man Angel - $32


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