Cape May Shopper : Holiday Gifts under $50

Posted 12/05/05
Cape May, NJ - You can keep your holiday budget under $50 per person and still come up with some classy , sure to impress holiday gifts.

For the man in your life, what about a handmade Irish Donegal tweed muffler?? All Irish Gifts has both these and irish mohair mufflers. Take your pick.

Christmas Kewpie Doll - $29.95
Oma's Doll Shop

What little girl could resist this original Kewpie Doll. Girls have been collecting these since the early 1900's. The 2005 version is dressed in a bright red holiday outfit. At Oma's Doll Shop.

Have a nature lover on your list? Give them a pottery bird bath they'll love to look at, even when no birdies are using it. Comes in five different colors at the Bird House of Cape May.

A must have for younger and older women is the simple Michael Starr's Shine tee's at Carolines. Don't worry about size - they're one size fits all and come in an array of glittery colors.

All those crazy surfers and beach fanatics will love the retro '40's beach pillow from Wanderlust. It will remind them of summer all year long.

Retro Beach Pillow - $50








For artsy creative types, why not go for a one of a kind creation from Goshen Gourds? No two gourd sculptures are alike. At Cape Island Gardens.

Four Season at the Shore -$48
Whales Tale

Everyone knows at least one ardent pet lover. Give them a door stopper - welcome statue from Whiskers in their favorite species.

And for those whose heart is always at the shore, what could be better than this ultimate coffee table book of more than 300 photos of the Jersey Shore. At the Whales Tale.


More Cape May info

Irish Donegal Tweed Mufflers
All Irish Gifts

Pottery Bird Bath - $35
Bird House of Cape May

Michael Starrs Glittery Tee - $48

Goshen Gourds - $25-$50
Cape Island Gardens

Pet Door Stoppers
$28.95 - $39.99


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