Cape May Shopper: Holiday Decor

Posted 12/09/06
Cape May, NJ - It's primetime for decking the halls. For fresh holiday wreaths, Cape Island Gardens has what amounts to a wreath buffet.

First you pick the evergreen base - balsam or fir. Then you pick your favorite decorations. Cape Island Gardens will decorate your wreath with pears or apples or pine cones or berries or ribbons or all of the above. Depending on the size and choice of ornaments, prices range from $20 to $120.

If you're looking for a different style of wreath, Wildberries is doing fresh Magnolia Wreaths this year. Take one home and just smile when visitors ask "Where'd you get that wreath?"

magnolia wreath

Wildberries, as always, is a great source for unusual holiday tree trimming ornaments - like the feather filled ornaments (below) for $6.95 each or the Victorian style crystal balls with golden bead streamers. $11.95. (right)

We also love Wildberries' devilish looking Santa candles. (above right) No need to pack these decorations away when the season's over - just light a match and burn them..

Goshen Gourds has some one of a kind ornaments - combining gourds with unprocessed wool to put a different twist on old Saint Nick. Great for artsy types. But be careful - they might scare the children. Available at Cape Island Gardens.

If you don't want to decorate a traditional Christmas tree (bah humbug) at least consider a miniature tree. What about a Rosemary topiary, shaped like your favorite fir? Available at Cape Island Gardens.

rosemary topiary

The good thing about these trees - you can eat them after the holidays are over.

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Santa Candles- $14.95

Goshen Gourds Santa - $35
Cape Island Gardens

Santa Ornament - $15
Cape Island Gardens

Victorian Ornaments- $11.95

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