Cape May Shopper: Stocking Stuffers

Posted 12/08/06
Cape May, NJ - Lucky for you if you're in Cape May this month. Local stores are bursting with all kinds of creative goodies, perfect for stuffing into someone's stocking.

beach bag

Wanderlust has a crushable, insulated Sanibel Island bag for keeping lunches and drinks cold. Just $7.50.

Or go for the less utilitarian beaded variety at Wildberries. The handmade bags come in a variety of shapes and colors and start at $38. (See right.)

Bath Time keeps everyone nice and shiny clean with Christmas light soaps. Set of 6 - $6.50.

If you're stretching pennies, tuck one of Bath Time's rubber duckies into someone's stocking. The duckies come in a wide range of personalities - including Santa (above right.) $3.50 each.

cheese knife bowlAnother inexpensive find - for $3, you can get a sea shell cheese knife at Wanderlust - a great little hostess gift.

Match that with some of the store's nice quality napkins and place mats at $5 each.


Take your pick of fish, birds, beach umbrellas and other designs.

You might not want to give these away.

Also at Wanderlust, a new meaning for the term air mail - note cards that do double duty as paper airplanes. $12.

For someone on a diet, Sea Level has the perfect solution: diner style sugar shakers filled with delectably scented soy candles.

No calories - just the pleasant scent of fruit slices or hazelnut coffee, lavender or lilac. $5-$14, depending on size.

More Cape May info

Beaded Bags -starting at $38

Rubber Duckies - $3.50
Bath Time

Paper Airplane Note cards- $12

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