Red Reigns on Valentine's Day

Posted 1/30/07
Cape May, NJ - There was a day when a dozen red roses was the only way to go on Valentine's Day. But no more. And at upwards of $75 a dozen, perhaps that's a good thing.

These days, according to Cape Winds Florists, red is still the color of the day, but flower givers like to mix it up a bit.

To show your love and your trendiness this year, give a gorgeous armful of spring wildflowers, with a few red roses tucked into the bouquet.

New Favorite

A new contender for favorite flower is the spunky Gerbera Daisy. The crayon colored daisy comes in a multitude of shades - of course pink and red win hands down for Valentine's Day.

Cape Winds Florists say red definitely is still the color of Valentine's Day. If you're on a budget, some nice red carnations mixed with red gerberas will make your point.

Double or Nothing

If you're not on a budget, then you might want to spring for the other big trend this year - a double dozen.

Yes that's right.

While giving a dozen red roses is on the decline, giving two dozen red roses (a double dozen) is the next big thing.

But who said love was logical, anyway?


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