Spruce up for Spring

Posted 4/02/07
Cape May, NJ - Company's coming for dinner and yes, you really want to have a garden full of gorgeous spring blooms. But, right now, the only things in your flower beds are some dried up leftovers from last year, some fresh weeds, and lots of dirt.

Never fear. With just two stops and an hour in the garden, you can have a virtual Eden.

First, head to Cape Island Home and Garden on Broadway in West Cape May and scoop up some of their gorgeous potted spring plants.

There are the classic spring favorites like lilies and hydrangeas. But you can also get bawdy colored Ranunculus for big splashes of bright color or diminutive primroses to fill in close to the ground. Finish with baskets of begonias to hang at eye level.

Now go home and plant these delicate looking plants right in your garden. It's ok, trust us.

Next stop - Wildberries on Jackson Street in Cape May for some garden ornaments.

Bluebird of Happiness at Wildberries

To get instant wildlife in your little dust bowl, pick up a couple of ceramic Bluebirds of Happiness and tuck them next to the hydrangeas.

Add one of Wildberries very own handmade dragonflies - made from recycled materials - and hang on a garden wall.

Then finish the whole thing off with one of Wildberries' Garden Sparklers - an intricate arrangement of handmade beads and crystals that wave in the wind.

Plant in a sunny spot for maximum effect. Now, have that spring company over and let them ooh and ah.

Baskets of Begonias at Cape Island Home and Gardens

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Garden Sparkler at Wildberries

Recycled Dragonfly at Wildberries

Primroses at Cape Island Home and Gardens

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