Practical Holiday Gifts

Basket of Cheeses at Seaside Cheese

Posted 12/18/07
Cape May, NJ - Yes, we know the age of decadence is officially over and we are living in a practical world. So here are some very practical, last minute gifts that everyone needs, uses, wants.

For starters, what's more practical than food? For upwards of $30 you can get a beautiful basket filled with cheeses and gourmet goodies at Seaside Cheese. Don't forget to add a loaf of freshly baked bread. And olives. Must have olives.

Or, if you're watching your pennies..

Gourmet Mixes at Sea Level

Consider the delectable Wind Willow dessert and appetizer mixes at Sea Level. At just $5 apiece, you can fill a stocking with a bounty of culinary goodies that will save time in the kitchen. How practical is that.

Bars of Soap at Bath Time

What's more practical than a bar of soap?

At Bath Time soap comes in dozens of different shapes and colors and fragrances. There's olive oil soap and shea butter soap and bars of real French soap not to mention Italian Tomato or Artichoke or Carrot soap. Soaps range from $.99 to $9.99, and you can order from Bath Time online.

Horseshoe Crab Notepads at Whales Tale

Then there are good old fashioned note pads. No matter how much you use your computer, you still need paper and pen. Give a trio of Horseshoe Crab notepads and impress your environmentally aware friends. You can order a set of 3 for $14.95 online from Whales Tale.

In case the lights go out, what's more practical or romantic than candles. Give someone who loves to entertain an entire box of elegant tapers for $25. (See upper right.) Get them at Sea Level.

Hats are the epitome of practical. Keep the man in your life warm with an Irish tweed cap from All Irish Imports. $50.

Sugar and Creamer at Cafe Tuscany

And everyone needs a sugar and creamer on their table. So be practical and give your dear one an imported Portuguese or Italian sugar and creamer set from Cafe Tuscany.

Since these are all such practical gifts, it's understandable if you're tempted to buy one or two for yourself. It's ok. You know in your heart you really do need those candles and soap and pottery.

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