Cape May Shopper:
Holiday Gifts Under $25

Posted 12/04

Yes it is possible to give thoughtful, creative gifts and not break the bank in the process. We did a little scouting for you in Cape May stores. Here are just a few of the many items we uncovered for under $25:

CD holders $12.95   Luxury Socks $13 each

For practical gift givers who like to give "useful" gifts - how about a colorful CD holder for carrying two dozen favorite CD's at one time? Just $12.95 at the Whales Tale. Or turn a necessity into a luxury with the ultimate socks for both women and men -$13 each at Casale's Shoes. Buy two pair and you're just a dollar over the limit. We won't tell. Both stores are on Cape May's Washington Street Mall.

Bird Bottle $22   Flower Frogs $8.95 to $16.95

Plant a tea cup in someone's garden (top of the page left) for just $16-$17 each. Find them at the Bird House of Cape May . Or what about a Williamsburg Bird Bottle - a ceramic bird house for $22. (Note: you can buy this online at the store's web site.) Give an old fashioned flower frog from Vintage Cottage to your flower loving friends - various sizes and colors are inspired by Depression Glass pieces and range from $8.95 to $16.95.

Petite Colander $18.95   Soap Collection $19.99

Love the Cook on Cape May's Washington Street Mall has wonderful little stainless steel colanders perfect for small jobs - $18.95 each. Or give some lucky person an assortment of fine French milled soaps in a gift pail for $19.99 from Bath Time (Note: you can buy this online at BathTime's web site.)

Baby Dolls $19.95   Lighthouse Bear $16.95

For kids - Oma's Doll Shop has the cutest collection of newborn baby dolls you'll ever set eyes on - called La Newborns - for $19.95 apiece. Down by the Sea is carrying a new crop of Cape May Lighthouse bears - each with its own little red sweater - for $16.95. (Note you can buy this gift online at the store's web site.)

Gingerbread Men $5   Gingerbread Gems $9.95

For Cape May fanatics, buy the new picture book of Cape May's Victorian gingerbread homes - Cape May Gingerbread Gems - for $9.95 at the Whale's Tale (Also available on the store's website.) Add a box of Gingerbread Men or Lemon Ladies or both from A Little of This and That to round out the gift and you're well below your $25 limit. (Gingerbread men and ladies are $5 per box.)

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