Cape May Shopper:
Valentine's Day Gifts

Posted 02/07/05

Cape May, NJ - Looking for some little gift to tell your special someone just how much he/she means to you??

Check out a few of our finds in local Cape May stores:

Heart Bath Oil Beads $.35   A Wooden Heart $19.95

Give your Heart to someone, on a stand no less, Just $8.50 at the Whales Tale. (Upper left of page.) Or, if things are tight, just give the heart - only $3.95. If you're looking for a really low cost Valentine - you can't beat the heart shaped bath oil beads at Bath Time - just $.35 each.

If you want your gift to stay around a little longer than just one bath, you might like the collection of wooden heart plaques (above right ) at Down by the Sea. Each is $19.95 - find one for every special person in your life.

Rubber Duckies $1.50, $3   Vintage Valentine gift bag $4.50

Rubber ducky aficionados will go bonkers over Bath Time's latest additions - heart covered duckies in two sizes. $1.50 and $3. If you're planning a really big gift this Valentine's Day - but one that fits in a small package - why not present it with style - in a bag designed like a vintage Valentine card - $4.50 at Whale's Tale.

Macaroons $.90   Hot Pink Pump $43.00

To show someone how much you really love them, why not give them some heart healthy Macaroons from Laura's Fudge - just $.90 each. You can order these online. (And yes, you can also get chocolate covered macaroons - $1.00) If you're ready to give that sweetheart of yours the boot this Valentine's Day - do it in style - with hot pink Steve Madden pumps - now on sale at Casale's Shoes in Cape May for $43.00.

Bath Confetti $6.99   Catnip $2.99, $4.99

If you need help expressing your feelings, just hand over one of Bath Time's heart shaped boxes of bath confetti - they come in flavors like Hug Me, Forever and even Hot Lips - $6.99 each.

Finally, Valentines can come and go, but your little kitty is always there for you. Get him/her some catnip from Whiskers - small $2.99, large $4.00 . It will make kitty very happy.

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