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Cape May Canal during the blizard Sunday

Cape May's Blizzard of 2003

February 17 - We've dug out, dried off and even gone to the video store.

Hard to believe that life can return to normal so quickly.

Why, wasn't it just yesterday that we could barely walk on our own street, battling the wind and biting snow. My husband had to block the snow so I could take this picture of the canal.

White out

Wasn't it just last night that wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour hurled themselves at our house and trees, creating almost white out conditions?

Wasn't it just this morning that I could barely make it through the huge snow drifts that had settled right by our back door?

Now, the streets are clear. They're lined with mountains of snow that look like they'll be there forever.

Bayshore Road buried in snow

But, in truth, they'll probably melt by the weekend. That's the way it is in Cape May. Snow never stays around long.

That's why we had to hunt so hard yesterday for the super deluxe ice scraper we bought years ago and never had to use.

That's why we never once considered how we would ever clear snow from our long driveway.


(We had given up trying to free ourselves when our neighbor's snowplow came along. YES!)

This is the kind of weather they get in Minnesota, not South Jersey, we told each other.

The birds knew something was up long before the forecasters. They started chowing down on bird seed over the weekend, trying to pack in as many calories as their little bodies could hold.

The day after

We've been feeding them throughout the storm and the juncos and cardinals and sparrows have been staying very close to home.

We were itching to get away from home - cabin fever was setting in. So, as soon as we were able to get out of our driveway, we jumped into the pickup truck and headed straight for the 2nd ave. jetty. What good is it to live in Cape May if you can't see the ocean after a storm?

Wild waves crashing near the 2nd Ave. jetty

A small congregation had gathered under the pavilion at the jetty to watch the storm surge crashing ashore.

It was nature's round two.

There's no way you can capture the force of the ocean in one picture.

But here it is.

The parting shot from the Blizzard of 2003.

Back to business on the Mall

What's so wild is looking at photos we took just yesterday when the blizzard was in full force.

It's almost as though it didn't really happen at all.

But it did.

My soggy clothes are still drying out.

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