More Snow for Cape May

Posted 01/31/05
CAPE MAY, N.J. – Our Ohio friends Mary and Roger have been coming to Cape May's Jefferson Street beach for years.. but they've never seen it quite like this...

For a brief time Sunday evening, the beaches were whiter than any sand could be as the town got an unexpected second covering of snow.

Leftover summer structures stood in stark outline against the pure white beach.

The Victorian gingerbread facades lining the beachfront were frosted with snow..a very pretty sight to see.

And even the dune grass had an otherworldly air - glazed with ice and frozen in place.

These are fleeting images - the snow and ice will disappear as soon as things warm up today. It's rare that snow sticks around for long in this town.

So, Mary and Roger - here it is - Cape May's Jefferson Street beach, right after a winter snowfall.

Wish you were here to see it in person.

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