Cape May Spring Fashions
on Parade

Posted 03/28/05
CAPE MAY, N.J. – If Cape May's annual Easter Stroll is any indication, hats are back.

All sorts of millinery graced the heads of young and old at the annual event at Our Lady, Star of the Sea Sea Parish Hall on Ocean St. in Cape May.

Some opted for old fashioned wide brimmed staw; some chose a navy sailor motif while others did with just a bow on the head.

Contestants lined up to show off their spring finery to the judges. And the judges had to choose first and second place winners- not an easy job.

Prizes were awarded in a dizzying array of categories - including best dressed family. One onlooker pointed out that wearing a hat helped cinch those first place ribbons.

The event was sponsored by the City of Cape May, the Chamber of Commerce, the Mall Merchants Association and the Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts.

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