Cape May Designer Show House

Posted 05/02/05
CAPE MAY, N.J. – Stroll through the doors of 800 Washington Street in Cape May and be prepared to be wowed.

Designers from the tri-state area turned this empty Craftsman home on the corner of Washington and Jefferson Streets into a designer showplace, complete with murals, window treatments and new custom kitchen and baths.

Each room in this circa 1915 Cape May home was created by a different design team. The looks range from the soft pinks and greens of the young girl's bedroom to the Arts and Crafts style library.

Several local businesses including the Fabric Outlet and Wanderlust have their talents on display.

Cape May's Designer Show House at 800 Washington St. is open from 10AM-3PM every day for self guided tours. Admission is $15 per person. No advance tickets are necessary. The house is sponsored by the Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts.

The home will be open for tours through September 30.

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