Cape May Art in the Garden Tour

Posted 06/01/05
CAPE MAY, N.J. – Tapestries hung from the trees and glass objects d'art competed with a nesting robin for visitors' attention. It was the Center for Community Arts 2nd Art in the Garden tour.

Eight private gardens in Cape May Point, Lower Township and Cape May opened their garden gates to both visitors and local artists.

The gardens alone would have been worth the price of the ticket. Some of the gardens had classic brick paths weaving through spring blooming flowers. Others offered majestic views overlooking meadows and lakes.

Iin each garden, artworks, whether botanical prints or photographs, pottery or jewelry, found their way into unusual exhibiton spaces: sculpture nestled into a wooded spot by a lake, fiber art displayed on the owner's front porch, mixed media pieces framing a garden bed.

The Art in the Garden Tour benefited Cape May's Center for Community Arts. To find out when the next tour will be scheduled, call the center at (609) 884-7525.

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