A perfect May day - in March

Posted 3/13/06

Cape May, NJ - It was the first umbrella sighting of the season. Saturday's 68 degree temperatures brought out locals and tourists alike - just waiting for a chance to warm up on the beach.

Some folks lucked out - they had planned their weekend trip to Cape May before the weather turned gorgeous. Others carefully watched the weather reports and jumped in the car early Saturday morning.

Maybe it was a little too early for bathing suits (unless you were running in the nun plunge!) The 42 degree water temperatures kept the climate along the shore a touch cooler than inland.

But that didn't stop kite flyers, dog walkers, fishermen and sunbathers from stretching out and enjoying themselves.

Weather forecasters say winter's not over yet. We're still likely to get some chilly days ahead.

This weekend just reminded us of what we have to look forward to in the very near future.

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