Cape May Halloween Parade 2006

Posted 10/23/06
Cape May, NJ - Cape May's annual Halloween Parade is one of the highlights of the fall season. Nowhere else (except in the Village Halloween Parade in New York) can you see so many creative costumes parade by in such a short time.

This year food was big - whether it was popcorn or Hershey bars or lobsters. They all marched in the parade.

Of course witches and gruesome goblins of all sorts were front and center. But so were several Native Americans, more than several little princesses and a couple of Harpo Marx lookalikes.


Political themes were also big this year - one family came as peace protesters from the sixties. Another family showed support for the Red Hat movement.

Of course there were Mummers bands and motorcyclists and some real and not so real fire fighters.

And was that a gorilla carrying a litte boy in a cage??
A great show once again.

If you missed it, make sure to mark your calendar for the same time next year. Better yet, start planning your costume now.


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