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Arctic on the Delaware

Posted 2/11/07

Cape May, NJ - No, these are not pictures of the Arctic. They're photos of a very frozen Delaware Bay.

Sunset Beach was the place to go Sunday morning. You could see ice floating on top of the Bay for almost a mile.

Cape May visitors who normally come to the beach for the summer flag ceremony at sunset were amazed by the even more majestic winter display. Even the Concrete ship was encased in ice.

The Sullivan family from Central New Jersey brought their little boy and girl right down to the bay's edge. They said they'd been to Cape May many times before, but this was awesome.

Awesome was indeed the word of the day.

The Higbee Beach fishing pier just a little further north was landlocked by ice. And it looked like the Cape May Lewes ferries were trapped by the cold. But the ferries were running on schedule.

Nothing else was navigating the frozen bay.

Here's what the scene looked like, facing south from the pier, along Higbee Beach.

It was just four days ago that a minor snowstorm swept through the area. See Photos.

Read more about whats going on with the weather these days.

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