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The Ice Stops Here on the Cape May Canal

Posted 2/18/07
Cape May, NJ - The arctic winds sweeping across Cape Island were so powerful this past week, they created ice jams on the Cape May Canal.

But only on half of the canal.

West of the Railroad Bridge, the winds stacked up ice flows all the way to the Delaware Bay. Here's what the canal looked like from Seashore Road:

Frozen waves overlapped, moving like tectonic plates over the water's surface. It was an amazing sight.

Meanwhile, east of the bridge, going towards the ocean, the canal was flowing freely.

The powerful Northwest winds - the same ones that toppled the ancient Silver Maple tree on Broadway - pushed the ice from the Delaware Bay to the edges of the bridge, and that's where the giant iceberg stopped..

By Sunday, when the temperature warmed up to 41 degrees, only a few mini icebergs were left.

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