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Record Cold and one more Snowfall

Posted 3/08/07
Cape May, NJ - This is getting to be a little old. How many more picturesque scenes of the snow can any of us bear to see?

As the owner of All Irish Imports said, as she shoveled her driveway, " I thought it was all over! "

Not only did the area get three to four inches of snow.

We also got almost record temperatures. The mercury in the Cape May - Wildwood area plunged to 10 degrees just before 6AM today. Atlantic City set a new record with a 7 degree low temperature, beating a previous record of 12 degrees in 1960.

Because of the frigid temps, some local streets had serious patches of ice early this morning.

But yes, it sure looked pretty. The snow - light and fluffy - the best kind - created instant pictures everywhere, from the beaches to the streetscapes to the rural outposts of Cape Island. But please, enough already. Daylight Savings Time starts this weekend!

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