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West Cape May Ghost Tour

Posted 4/23/07
Cape May, NJ - Ghosts have been big business in Cape May for several years. The Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts' Ghosts of Cape May trolley tour draws more visitors than any other.

Now, thanks to the efforts of ghost hunter Craig McManus, you can hear a whole new crop of spine tingling stories about a whole new group of spirits - the ghosts of West Cape May.

McManus spent the early spring doing a little ghost hunting in the 100 and 200 year old buildings. (The older the building, the more ghosts.)

He caught up with the deceased daughter of the late owner of the Albert Stevens Inn. At the Wilbraham Mansion, he met a ghost named Ann.

The 200 year old Eldredge House has a ghost's name etched on a upstairs window, while, McManus says, the Highland House has several generations of spirits under one roof.

A lamp at the Moonfish Grill falls over when the spirit of a woman ghost is present. At the home of local artists, McManus says there's energy like that of a funhouse.

The tour ends with a stop at the Cape May Lighthouse, the ghostly home, McManus says of a lady with a young boy.

To hear more, take the tour, called Spirit of the Light. Tickets are $20 for adults and $10 for children. You can buy tickets for this and other trolley tours at the Washington Street Mall info booth at the corner of Ocean St. and the mall.

Note: Click here to see schedule of all MAC trolley tours.


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