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2007 Sand Castle Contest

Posted 8/6/07
Cape May, NJ - There were a few castles dotting Cape May's Cove Beach Friday afternoon. But this year, many of the participants in the annual Sand Sculpting Contest created people rather than buildings.

The Best on the Beach award was captured by the combination Wilson - Sullivan - Dostanko families for their rendition of a larger than life Homer Simpson stretched out on a raft - with shark nearby.

Another group effort that won an award was the character Shrek (right) also stretched out on the sand.

One family sculpted their faces into the beach, complete with clamshell eyelids.

And an engineering group created a very ambitious rendition of Washington, DC, including the Capitol building and the Washington Monument.

There were also whales, and freeform objects and an octopus type creature. And, here and there, there was even a castle or two.

The annual contest is sponsored by the city of Cape May and Can You Dig It sand tools.

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