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2008 Halloween Parade

Posted 10/22/08

Cape May, NJ - It was definitely ladies day at the Cape May Halloween parade this year. The Queen of Hearts was there in all her pimply glory with her Burger King.

There were glamorous witches and spunky political candidates.

Miss Wawa turn up to mourn the passing of the local convenience store on Bank Street. She carried a bouquet of black roses.

Of course there were dancers, almost all in black, performing right in the street.

Star Wars was big this year. There were moving pumpkin patches and creepy spiders, frilly outfits and punk outfits.

We even caught a couple of little Lima Beans trotting along Lyle Lane, at least that's what we think they were. They were eating thier Halloween candy as they marched.

Not all of the Halloween marchers stayed awake for the parade. This little spider conked out early. Been there, done that.

Did we mention that the parade is an annual event, sponsored by the Cape May Recreation Department?? Dozens and dozens of costumed marchers, young and old, strut their stuff every October along Lyle Lane and the Washington Street Mall.

Put it on your calendar for next year.

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