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Cape May Times Photos of the Year 2008

Posted December 31, 2008

Cape May, NJ - We begin each New Year with a look back at some of our favorite photos of the previous year.

In the tumultuous year that just ended, perhaps it's fitting that the winner, hands down, is a picture of a surfer dwarfed by a massive September storm wave.

A close runner up is this shot of the Two Mile Bridge, linking Cape May with Wildwood Crest. We took this shot as we were heading out on a fishing trip at sunrise on a gorgeous June morning.

The year started with a bang - a scallop boat crashed into the sand on a Wildwood Crest beach and gave us all something to do on a January morning.

The marsh seemed to swallow up these birders in May They were our World Series of Birding team You can read about their exploits.

The May Nor 'easter was our other major storm of the year. The waves were so fierce, even these surfers had second thoughts - or so it seemed.

The late summer brought our usual crop of heirloom tomatoes. Not all of them were pretty, But they were all delicious. The Farmer's market (above, right) had its share of bountiful images, as well.

And what would the fall be like without a monarch or two?(Above, right)

No Halloween parader in Cape May this year wore quite as much make up as the Queen of Hearts. Her beautiful pimples were accentuated by the October sun.

The light in Cape May is fantastic during the fall - whether you're on a western facing porch in the late afternoon ....

Or in a Cape May County pumpkin patch. Autumn light definitely adds a special aura.

On one November Sunday, storm clouds were forming at the same time as the sun was shining. No where was the contrast more stark than at Cape May Harbor, with its white boats against the black sky.

The year ended with a surprise visitor. The waves washed ashore a tiny Dovekie from the far north. Here he rested comfortably before setting back off on his journey.

We like to think the Dovekie is a harbinger of good times coming in 2009. Wishing you a happy, hopeful New Year!

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