Churning Delaware Bay

Posted January 1, 2009

Cape May, NJ - Winter winds tore across much of the country this week. In this area, the winds whipped the normally quiet, peaceful Delaware Bay into a foaming frenzy. Crashing waves battered the concrete ship at Sunset Beach.

The Bay stood right in the way of the incoming 30 mile per hour winds. These powerful westerly winds were part of a massive cold front that started beyond the Mississippi.

At Sunset Beach, the winds were so strong, onlookers had trouble opening west facing car doors.

And anyone crazy enough to venture out into the stiff breeze had trouble standing up straight.

Standing near the Alexander Avenue jetty in Cape May Point, you could see actual sea foam blowing off the bay in huge chunks.

Before long, the foam was covering cars, camera lenses and the sea grass in the dunes.

That white sea foam is the closest thing to snowfall we've received so far this winter.

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