The Big Storm part 2, Cape May NJ

Posted March 2, 2009

Cape May, NJ - It's always a kick to see snow on the beach. We couldn't wait till the snow stopped today so we could get a few shots.

About six inches of snow fell overnight and throughout the morning, packing down quickly.

Earlier in the day, about four inches of snow piled up in Cape May by daybreak, gilding backyards throughout the area.

See some pictures we took early in the day.

Later in the day, the shovels came out on Washington Street and elsewhere around town. Normally, the snow in Cape May melts before noon. Rarely do we have to shovel it away. Not this time.

This Nor'easter, while heavy duty, was not in the same league as Cape May's big blizzard a few years ago. This time around, we received much less snow than other parts of the state.

We got more than enough snow, though, to make some pretty pictures. Take a good look. No doubt, the melting will begin within a day or so..

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