Summer April

Posted 4/19/09

Cape May, NJ — Even though Saturday's calendar said April, it was bathing suit weather for some, skateboard weather for others.

The brave ones even dipped their toes in the water.

Summer was here, if just for a day. Temperatures along the Cape May / Wildwood coast rose to an unseasonable 73 degrees. In Atlantic City, it was 79 degrees. Not a record, but you didn't find anyone complaining.

Instead, folks from Pennsylvania and Maryland and other far away spots, along with local residents, pulled up a beach chair and soaked up some rays while they could.

It sure felt like summer - there was even a sea breeze. People sat along the promenade, catching up with friends and neighbors after winter's hibernation.

At least two people spent their day at the beach getting married. The warm sun sparkled on the ocean as they said their vows. How lucky were they?



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