Cape May Garden Club Flower Show

Posted 4/30/09

Cape May, NJ — What glowed more this week - the gorgeous, original floral arrangements at the annual Cape May Flower Show - or the faces of the gardeners who designed them?

This year's theme was Shall We Dance? Liz Favre, the President of the Garden Club of Cape May, (above) used pretty pink roses in her creation, which took second place in the Ball Room category.

Some of the other categories included Barn Dance, One Minute Waltz and The Peppermint Twist. A dancing slipper adorned an arrangement in the Tango category.

The flower show, by the garden club, was staged in the ballroom of the Grand Hotel.

Steina Ferguson took first prize in both the Ball Room pedestal arrangements and the Swan lake hanging arrangements.

Jean Droch and a committee of five gardeners designed the Dinner Dance centerpiece, which graced a formally set table in the middle of the flower show.

Mary McKenney won first prize in the Dramatic Tango category for her red and black design.

Karen Fagan got a prize ribbon for her Christmas Cactus as well as for her entry in the Water Ballet category.

The Garden Club of Cape May sponsors the flower show every April.

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