2009 Cape May World Series of Birding

Posted 5/11/09

Cape May, NJ — On Saturday afternoon, the Foundation for Avian Research team members were scanning the Rea Farm from Stevens St., trying to add yet another new bird species to their World Series of Birding list. They had been on the road birding since midnight.

Meanwhile other birders were scanning the ocean at Cape May Point State Park, watching gannets.

World Series of Birding Teams had exactly 24 hours, from midnight Friday to midnight Saturday to see or hear as many species of birds as possible in New Jersey. The teams typically started up north and ended the day in bird rich Cape May.

The teams were doing their best not to run into each other as they walked the trails at the Meadows - the Nature Conservancy refuge on Sunset Blvd.

After 24 hours of criss crossing the state, WSB birders spotted a total of 269 species throughout New Jersey Saturday.

The big winner, the Lagerhead Shrikes, the Nikon sponsored team, came in first with 229 species.

In an optics to optics rivalry, Swarovski's Cornell Sapsuckers, who were trying to unseat the Nikon team, came in third with 221 species.

So close. Maybe next year.


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