View from the Top

Posted 5/15/09

Cape May Point, NJ — Finally, you can climb to the top of that mysterious concrete tower at Sunset Beach near Cape May Point.

During World War II, the lookout tower was one of 11 used for spotting enemy ships trying to enter the Delaware Bay. Thanks to the massive defense, no ships ever came close.

Today, there are a couple of towers on the Delaware side of the bay but Fire Control Tower No. 23, as it was called, is the only New Jersey watch tower still intact.

Thanks to the Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts' extensive renovation project, you can walk to the top along newly installed metal staircases.

Along the way, stop at the wall of photos of Cape May area World War II veterans. You might run into one or two in real life, there to reminisce, like Richard Baker, an Army vet of the Battle of the Bulge.

The reward for climbing to the top is a a chance to peek through the same open slots where armed forces kept watch over the bay around the clock.

Bring your camera. You are at the very end of New Jersey.

Directly in front of you is the remains of the Concrete Ship. To your right is the bay, to your left is the Atlantic Ocean. Cape May Point's Alexander Ave. jetty juts out into the ocean.

If you're in Cape May Saturday, May 16, stop by the tower at 10AM for the official dedication ceremony. Admission fees are waived and you can take a free walk to the top after the ceremony.


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