HIgbee Beach Ghosts

Posted 6/01/09

Cape May, NJ — The next time you take a walk along Higbee's quiet, hidden away beach, you might not be alone.

So says Craig McManus, who's spent years chronicling Cape May's many ghosts - spirits who seem to have a strong attachment to the town's old Victorian homes and inns, even in death.

McManus says not all of Cape May's ghosts can be found near old houses.

In his latest book "400 Years of the Ghosts of Cape May" McManus describes some eery walks he's taken through the back dunes of the Higbee Beach Wildlife Management Area, a pristine spot bordering the Delaware Bay.

It was a favorite summer encampment for Native Americans hundreds of years ago. They'd feast on local oysters and fish before heading back up river for the winter.

McManus, a well known psychic and author, encountered some of those spirits when he and friends were hiking along an abandoned trail in Higbee, deep in the forest. He says he suddenly felt he was walking on "sacred land" and felt the presence of a group of Native American spirits, possibly from the Delaware tribe. The message, he said, was clear. Leave.

Higbee's one of the only places along the New Jersey coast that still has portions of its original coastal forest habitat, one of the reasons, McManus theorizes, for it's popularity with the spirit world.

McManus says the Native Americans are not alone. The author has seen a man in a coat walking a big black dog along the beach. When McManus turned his head, the man vanished. Others have also reported seeing this quirky figure on the beach.

McManus thinks it could be none other than Thomas Higbee, who helped build the old hotel at Higbee Beach. It was his dying wish to be buried there. However, his body was later moved to Cold Spring Cemetery..

Courtesy Craig McManus

Whether or not you believe in ghostly apparitions, Craig McManus maintains that Higbee Beach has a mystical aura all its own. Could it be the vibes from the thousands of pieces of quartz in the sand - the Cape May Diamonds, as they're called?

Is it just a perfectly beautiful and peaceful place to take a walk alone and clear one's head?

Or are we sharing this last spot of wilderness on Cape Island with the folks who found it hundreds of years ago?

You can read about this and many other ghostly experiences in "400 Years of the Ghosts of Cape May." Now Available through CraigMcManus.com


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