The New Cove Beach

Posted 7/28/09

Cape May, NJ — The Cape May area has miles of beautiful beaches, but one favorite beach is getting hard to find at high tide.

Thanks to recent storms, Cove Beach, local surfers' favorite spot, is now a ribbon of sand at the foot of imposing new dunes. White poles along the edge of the sandy cliffs now mark the edge of the beach.

The beach's slow erosion got a jumpstart this month when stormy weather washed away a chunk of sand. It left two different Cove beaches - the high tide version and the low tide version.

During high tide, the beach disappears and bathers walk through water to get from one side to the other.

At low tide, there's more than enough room for leisurely beach strolls, although not too much space for beach umbrellas.

Locals say the beach has returned to the way it was 30 years ago, when kids would wait for low tide to race to the Point and back.

Despite a massive sand replenishment program in recent years, Mother Nature has reclaimed the cove. The city manager says it doesn't look like there's a new sand replacement program in the cards anytime soon.

The new Cove Beach is still drawing kayakers and surfers, even when the tide is high.

But for those who insist on sunbathing at the Cove, you'll have to time it right and get there at low tide, when you can spread out your blanket without getting wet.

Of course, you can always head to one of Cape May's many other beaches, all high and dry.


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