Cape May's December Snow

Posted 12/20/09

Cape May, NJ — We were spared in the Cape May area. Our three or four or five inches of show this weekend could not even begin to compare with Philadelphia's 23 inches.

The storm did wreak havoc of another kind. Both Cape May's Mid Atlantic Center for the Arts and the town of Dennisville had to cancel their annual holiday house tours Saturday night, because of the weather.

Local merchants took it on the chin, as well, the weekend before Christmas. Sunday afternoon, the day after the snow, parts of the Washington Street Mall looked like a frozen wasteland.

Holiday shoppers were beginning to venture out on the sunnier side of the mall, where the snow had either been cleared or had melted.

Major streets were cleared and traffic moved easily. But some side streets in Cape May had treacherous coatings of ice.

The beach promenade must have been slippery as well. Police tape blocked the entrances.

Brisk winds kept the snow from staying too long at Cove Beach. Only the dunes had a frosting of white.

The December snow added to the holiday decorations in Wilbraham Park...

And at the Lower Township municipal building.

Even poles in a new vineyard had a decorative look, thanks to the snowfall.

As did that garden bench, waiting patiently, at the start of Winter, for Spring.


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