Cape May Saturday White Out

Posted 1/30/10

Cape May, NJ — A bundled up pair of beach walkers - one big one small, walked the Cove this afternoon, as a new snowstorm hit town.

It started at mid morning and by midday, Beach Ave. was a blanket of white, as was Washington St. and the Mall. Cape May had already accumulated over three inches. More snow was expected throughout the evening.

One brave bicyclist in West Cape May tried to make his way home through the swirling gusts of snow and sliding cars.

Most folks opted to stay indoors in this blustery weather.

Despite the chilly 18 degrees, there were some who just couldn't resist the chance to go for a Saturday afternoon walk along the snowy beach.

If forecasts are correct, Cape May could get as much as six inches of snow - more than we got during the big coastal blizzard in December.


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