Cape May Sunday AM Snow -10 inches!

Posted 1/31/10

Cape May, NJ — Now this was a snowstorm! The snow started midday Saturday. By Sunday morning, Cape May got as much as ten inches of snow in this stealth storm that took the coast by surprise.

The snow accumulations surpassed the December coastal blizzard and just about every other snowfall in recent memory.

Early Sunday morning, a snow plow was working over the promenade before most of the town had awakened.

The snow on the beach was so bright, even in the early morning, that you needed sunglasses to take in the scene.

Even though the weather's been brutally cold the last couple of days, we've had little wind. As a result, there wasn't much in the way of snow drifts.

Just lots of fluffy white stuff piling up on roof tops and porches and evergreen bushes.

The surprise snowstorm made for some pretty pictures, whether you were on Columbia Avenue or by the Cape May Canal

The temperatures are expected to stay chilly for the next few days, so the snow should stick around for awhile.

That will make amateur photographers and other Cape May visitors very happy.


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