Cape May Blizzard of 2010

Posted 2/06/10

Cape May, NJ — The big blizzard is hitting Cape May with fierce winds and heavy wet snow, taking down tree limbs and cutting phone service and power to many.

Among those without power this morning, the senior citizens retirement home at Victorian Towers, right in the middle of Cape May.

In West Cape May, some dog walkers headed right up the middle of Broadway. They were all alone. No cars were out.

The Cape May area has gotten well over a foot of snow so far. The heavy snow is weighing tree limbs down to the ground.

Many huge old evergreens seem to be sustaining the worst damage. Boughs of the trees are getting slammed by the gale force winds and snow. Wires are down as well throughout Cape Island.

In our neighborhood, we are without phone service and power right now. I'm writing this on battery power.

We had to brave the wind and snow to get to our friends Dave and Linda's house, so we could borrow their internet connection.

Hopefully, we'll be able to make it back home. We'll update the storm as soon as we get our power restored.

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