Cape May Blizzard of 2010 Update

Posted 2/07/10

Cape May, NJ — I'm writing this at our friend Ro's kitchen table early Sunday morning. She's one of the few apparently on Cape Island who still has power.

(See yestereday's post.)

From what we can find out, a majority of Cape May and Cape May Point residents have lost phone service and electricity as a result of this ferocious blizzard. Trees and power lines are down everywhere.

In Cape May Point, the firehouse served as the overnight shelter for dozens of residents without heat.

At Cove Beach earlier yesterday, massive waves pounded the shore in the middle of the blizzard. The parking meters were barely visible.

Although the wind died down somewhat during the day, the snow continued to pile up in what has to be record amounts. Easily over two feet.

Travel was getting more treacherous as the day went on. At the same time, without power, our house was getting colder. We decided to brave the white out conditions to try to reach our friend Ro's house, less than a mile away.

Just a quarter mile from our house, our four wheel drive vehicle got stuck in a huge snow drift. We finally made it to the warmth of our friend's home for the night.

The Cape May Police said this morning that power slowly was beginning to come back on in spots.

Travel conditions are still hazardous. Most side roads are still impounded and there's just one lane traffic on most major roads.

We are going to attempt to make it back to our friends Dave and Linda's house this morning, so we can use their internet connection to file this story.

See earlier blizzard posting.

Current Blizzard Photos:


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