Cape May Blizzard Power Outages

Posted 2/08/10

Cape May, NJ — Unbelievably, we are starting day three without power in many areas, thanks to the Big Blizzard of 2010. In this bitter cold weather, thousands in the Cape May area still have no heat, phone service or electricity.

Even the large buildings have not been spared.

As of Monday morning, Cape May's largest hotel, Congress Hall, still did not have any power or water. The hotel was closed because of the power outage. They were not alone.

Part of the problem - several utility poles, including at least one on Beach Avenue in Cape May, were snapped in half like toothpicks by the combination of heavy wet snow and gale force winds in Saturday's blizzard.

Hazardous low hanging power lines were still attached to these poles late Sunday afternoon.

The blizzard coated many power lines with a thick layer of snow and ice, turning the lines bright white against Sunday's blue skies.

This new icy coating is weighing the lines down, threatening to cause even more problems. With weather temperatures hovering around freezing, the hope for a quick defrost seems remote.

At the same time, many trees and tree branches, coated with more than two feet of snow, have toppled on power lines throughout residential areas, complicating the clean up with live wires.

Many of the senior citizens at Victorian Towers in Cape May, a large senior citizens' apartment building, still have no working stoves or fridges. The senior citizens were left in the dark for over 24 hours. They got some power back Sunday, then lost power again Monday morning.

Even if you have power and phone service, you might not have a television signal or an internet connection. Comcast cable service has been disrupted to much of the Cape May, NJ area.

Cape May Times is still without power. We will file this story as soon as we can get to our friends Dave and Linda's house. They are one of the few who still have a working internet connection.

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