Cape May Blizzard Round Two

Posted 2/11/10

Cape May, NJ — Wednesday was not the kind of weather to be out in. And the streets were empty. Cape May's second blizzard in a week sent 30 to 40 mile per hour winds swirling around the intersection of Washington and Ocean Streets.

Those winds continued to whip through the area overnight.

The gusts of snow turned the Washington Street Mall into a scene from the climate change movie The Day After Tomorrow.

In the middle of the fierce winds, a snow plow emerged from the icy haze, slowly trying to keep Ocean Street clear.

On Washington Street, a worker on the flat rooftop of the Cape May Commons shops tried to stay one step ahead of the snow.

Visibility was next to nil. An emergency order kept all cars off the streets. Walking more than half a block in the blizzard was impossible.

We ventured out at mid afternoon for a few very short minutes and were quickly covered with ice.

Cape May has seen nothing but snow in the past two weeks. This latest snowfall - less than half a foot - seems like small potatoes compared to our total accumulations.

First, a snowfall of ten inches on January 30 - quite a story for this area . Then a few inches more overnight February 2. Then Saturday, February 6th's massive blizzard with its 30 inches of snow. And now, just days later, February 10, yet another blizzard.

Looking back at the photos from ten days ago, the snow accumulations on January 30 look positively paltry compared to our current photos.

First Snow photos January 30

The good news - power doesn't seem to be disrupted and the town has just enough time to clean up for Valentine's Day this weekend.

Current Blizzard Photos:

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