First Day of Spring in Cape May

Posted 3/20/10

Cape May, NJ — What do you do on the first day of Spring, after one of the longest, hardest winters in memory?

Well, if you're lucky enough to be in Cape May, you go to the beach.

The first sunbathers of the season were soaking up the rays Saturday. And it's no wonder. The temperature soared to 73 degrees. Some brave souls even stuck a toe in the surf.

What do you wear on the first day of Spring? You didn't have to wear a bikini to enjoy the sun.

In fact, you didn't even have to be at the beach.

About a dozen or so knitters took over Wilbraham Park on the first day of spring. They were knitting away in the glorious sunshine.

It was exactly six weeks to the day since the first big blizzard struck Cape May. Six weerks ago, we couldn't even get through the streets because of the snow. Our power was out. It was the worst of times.

Just six weeks later, the sun is shining again and we are smiling again. Maybe the groundhog does know a thing or two.


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