Cape May Heat Wave

Cape May heat wave

Posted 7/08/10

Cape May, NJ — Few people were trekking across the beach Wednesday afternoon. This week's heat wave drove many people to choose the comfort of air conditioning over a gentle sea breeze.

Cape May's 99 degrees in the shade Tuesday tied the record high for that date. Atlantic City's 102 degrees Tuesday also tied a record for that date.

Cape May heat wave

One of the beach badge checkers on Cape May's beach said she saw many fewer people on the beach Wednesday when the weather again touched the high 90's.

At high noon Wednesday in Cape May, the promenade was almost empty.

Cape May heat wave

And, even more telling, the lunchtime line at Hot Dog Tommy's right off the beachfront was reduced to a few hungry souls. Normally, the line snakes down to the end of the block.

Cape May heat wave

Although the early July air felt like a sweltering August day, the sea water was still a touch cool. That didn't stop hot vacationers from jumping right in.

Cape May heat wave

If you were out in the sun, covering up was the thing to do - either with umbrellas -

Cape May heat wave

Or with hats -

Cape May heat wave

Or with a full body water submersion.

Cape May heat wave

If it was any consolation, our friends in Philadelphia and Washington and Baltimore and New York had it much much worse - and they couldn't take a quick dip in the ocean.

The weather forecasters say the worst heat and humidity has now passed. Get the latest Cape May weather update..


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