Cape May Holiday Lights

Cape May heat wave

Posted 12/10/10

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Cape May, NJ — Nothing brings out our inner child like holiday lights.

We search for the houses with the biggest, brightest lights and say bah humbug to all those who can't be bothered stringing up even a single strand of lights from Kmart.

Cape May's Columbia Avenue is a great spot for Christmas light gazing. That's thanks to some bed and breakfast inn owners who never fail to deck their halls - and porches.

In the age old question of multi-colored versus white, white wins hands down along this street.

Used to be there were a lot more houses with holiday lights in Cape May. Times change. The town has many owners at a distance now.

But the places that do go to the trouble of holiday decorating go all out. At some spots, the lights spill over to the shrubs and fences.

Cape May heat wave

What is it about these twinkling lights that warms up even the frostiest Scrooge?

Take a walk at dusk though town for a close up view. Cape May's December glow will make you smile.

And your inner child will thank you.


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