Cape May NJ Churches

Allen A.M.E., 717 Franklin St., Cape May
(609) 884-4044

Assembly of God, 1068 Seashore Rd., Cape May (609) 884-2424

Cape May Lutheran, 508 Pittsburgh Ave., Cape May (609) 884-2181

Cape Island Baptist, Columbia and Gurney Sts., Cape May (609) 884-3917

Church of the Advent, Franklin and Washington Sts., Cape May (609) 884-3065

Franklin St. Methodist Church, Franklin and Washington Sts., Cape May (609) 884-7239

Macedonia Baptist Church, Lafayette and Franklin Sts., Cape May (609) 884-3270

Our Lady Star of the Sea Roman Catholic Church, 525 Washington St., Cape May (609) 884-5311

1st Presbyterian Church, Decatur and Hughes Sts., Cape May (609) 884-3949

1st United Methodist Church, 635 Washington St., Cape May (609) 884-3792

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Cape May Churches

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