Fall in the Air, on the Walls

By Caroline Ranoia
Posted September 2004

For me, September is all about regrouping – and redecorating.

I am redoing my bedroom and I have just discovered the perfect way to choose a color.

Step outside and take a look all around you, right now. What colors do you see???

I see fall jewel tones - colors like pumpkin, brilliant reds, earthy greens, fabulous oranges, shades of the sun setting on a perfect Cape May sky blue backdrop with rich peaches and pinks, teal and purple; and that rich crisp night sky blue with little luminous white stars.

Could there be any better way to choose a color palette to design and decorate your next room?

Now, let’s try to match that color to a paint chip. Take your camera, be it digital, disposable or a plain old 35mm, go out and take a picture right now of that grass, that tree, that sky, whatever color it was that caught your attention, and start your color palette from there.

Get your photograph printed and paste them to a piece of paper. Write down every color that you like ( or just put arrows in) then bring it into your nearest paint store or decorating center (these stores are better because the service is more personal). Let them help you match it up!

That's where I started with my color choice for my bedroom.

In the late summer sky, while I was sitting on my front porch, I saw the colors I wanted.

I ran inside, grabbed my digital camera and started clicking away. I printed out the photos and started the process.

My walls now are a rich creamy white yellow, my trim bright white, my rug earthy tones of flax and sand.

My accessories and bedding are brilliant burgundy, creamy whites, and muted shades of yellow. It works, it really works!

Now onto the bathroom. I am painting the walls periwinkle, a shade that I saw in Cape May's late summer sky!

From now on I am going to ignore every HGTV show that I have watched and just take a nice long walk when I'm looking for inspiration.

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