2002 Family Fishing Photo Album

One extended family meets same time every year for a day of fishing in Cape May. It's a great way to reconnect and have fun at the same time.

Jake and his father got a keeper early on during the fishing trip on board a local party boat.

The mate on the fishing boat helped them get the fish off the hook.



Here, they show off their catch.

Good going guys!






For Brian and Becky, it was thrilling to catch a fish right from the ocean. Brian caught a bluefish.

This was Becky's first year out with the older kids, and she did very well.


Some of the smaller flounder had to be thrown back into the water very quickly.

There are size limits for certain species of fish, to protect them for the future.



Stephanie's been going on these fishing trips since she was 8 years old.

While she successfully fished for flounder,

her Dad caught a baby shark!! He also snagged a couple of bluefish.



Adam and Uncle Paul both worked the starboard side of the boat very patiently.

Their patience was well rewarded.



But Uncle Paul beat out both Adam and Stephanie .. and caught the most fish this year.

He reeled in flounder and blues...and had the best time of all.

Just wait 'till next year! (See photos of the following summer's fishing trip.)

If you want to take your family fishing but don't know the difference between a rod and a reel,

Read some tips for fishing with kids..




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